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4 Fundamentals for a Healthy Mindset

I'm a big believer that your mindset can either work for you - or against you.

Our thoughts, create our feelings, which shape our actions which determine the outcomes we get.

If we want better outcomes, we need to learn to manage our thoughts.

The truth is that we are not our thoughts, we are the 'thinker of our thoughts'. That means that we do not have to be held captive by them and learning how to master our thoughts and step into this way of being is absolutely something we can all get better at doing with practice.

As is the case with learning any new skill, it's helpful to approach cultivating your mindset with curiosity, without judgement and, I believe, with an element of playfulness and experimentation.

Here are my 4 fundamentals for managing your 'mind monkeys' and nurturing a healthy mindset that supports, rather than sabotages you.

1. A simple morning routine that makes you feel good and sets you up for the day.

For me this looks like sneaking out of bed early, I have a ‘cosy corner’ in my office where I listen to a hypnosis audio and then I journal - mostly positive affirmations, but also any uncomfortable feelings, doubts or fears that might be lurking. I also set my intention for the day (my plan) and walk through it, visualising it going smoothly and well.

2. Check-ins - becoming aware of your energy levels and feelings throughout the day.

When you do this regularly, you begin to notice the symptoms of things ‘slipping’. Perhaps you notice that you're being impatient or snapping, that you suddenly feel 'low' or anxious. Perhaps you experience long periods of time of being unproductive 'staring at your screen' instead of writing, or procrastinating/distracting yourself etc.

When I notice this happening I do things to change my state, to change up the feelings that I'm feeling. It could be going for a walk, dancing or singing, meditating, visualising, doing exercise, drinking water or eating something nutritious. Notice how your feelings change as you do these things and then how your thoughts change too.

3. Having strategies to manage looping thoughts

Sometimes you'll become aware that your mood has changed, like a dark cloud passing across an otherwise blue sky, sometimes something happens to which you experience strong feelings, perhaps someone said something that you felt was harsh, perhaps you saw something and found yourself comparing. Maybe you have worrying thoughts looping around in your mind. When this happens it's really helpful to write out or speak thoughts and feelings to help break the 'loop'. Feelings need to felt, and if they are pushed aside tend to only become stronger. Write down what is on your mind, do it with curiosity, self-compassion and without judgement and then challenge each fear, worry, or thought by asking “is it true?”. Making a point to re-frame each one with something that is more helpful to you. For example 'I'm really struggling with this, it's hard" , once you have explored what's underneath that, you can flip it to "I choose to believe I can do this, and I choose for this to be easy".

4. Build resilience - increase PERMA

Developed by Martin Seligman the father of positive psychology. PERMA stands for:

Positive Emotions

Engagement (feeling 'in flow')




These are the ingredients Seligman's research concluded are necessary for humans to flourish and intentional focusing on these things in daily life builds resilience and healthy mindset.


Curious about PERMA? click here

These are the ingredients Seligman's research concluded are necessary for humans to flourish and intentional focusing on these things in daily life builds resilience and healthy mindset.

Emma O’Brien is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, Mindset and Strengths Coach helping business owners with big plans overcome self-doubt, fears and limitations, claim their super powers and thrive.

Emma incorporates mindset, resilience and positive psychology within her Mindset + Strengths + Momentum system to help her clients achieve deeply transformational results.

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