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Are you REALLY not ready?

5 Ways to overcome the fear of not being ready

Ever found yourself thinking or saying “I’m not ready” this is for you!

I’ve been helping growth-focussed business owners with their mindset challenges for a few years now and this crops up a lot.

Are you REALLY not ready?

OR is your fear running the show?

In truth it’s just a belief that you aren’t ready - it might be a sensible thing to believe at this present moment or it may not be serving you at all. 

5 common ways the “I'm not ready" belief shows up

  • You set a goal or put some tasks on your todo list or in your calendar and they keep rolling on and not getting done.
  • You make excuses. Other things crop up that take your attention away, you may even find you are ill or perhaps your mood doesn’t match the thing you want to do. Your excuses may sound very valid and reasonable or they could, on closer scrutiny, be a bit flaky. 
  • You keep doing more research, learning more, another qualification and behind this is the logic that ‘when I know more I’ll be ready’
  • Over complicating.  Getting caught up in the minutiae or adding in a lot of steps to take you from what is essentially A to B.
  • Feeling overwhelmed - a feeling of too much to do or not having clarity over what to do.

Did you spot any of these happening for you?

So why is this happening?

We all have varying levels of awareness about this kind of thing. 

  1. It’s sneaky!! Our expectations around our competence (and other people’s) are conditioned.  You may not even realise that you‘re running this “you’re not ready” script.  You might just become aware that the thing just isn’t getting done! It’s only when someone holds you to account, or asks you how you’re getting on or you reflect back and realise your lack of progress.
  2. You may be very aware that you feel not ready, it’s a bit like sitting on the side of the pool knowing it’s going to be a cold shock when you get in there and so you just sit there for a while longer to avoid the discomfort..
  3. Or you could be very well aware that what you are feeling is fear AND this is sabotaging your plans. You may be feeling anxious, worried you won’t be good enough, that people might laugh or judge you…

This happens most when what we want to do and achieve means something to us and we are growing, venturing outside of what’s familiar to us. We hit discomfort, resistance, it’s like a perimeter warning getting triggered for us to STOP! And consider is this safe (aka comfortable, familiar, sensible for us to do, are we equipped to handle it)

5 tips to help you flip your fear around…

Tip 1 - notice it! Call it out as soon as you’re aware of any of these symptoms.  You may hear the words “I’m not ready to do that” in your thoughts or out loud.  THAT’s your invitation to say ‘aha let's take look at what’s going on here!’

Tip 2 - investigate it - go fearwards, pin it down, don’t just go along with it. Inquire:

What is it that makes you not feel ready?  

What do you feel you need in order to be ready?

This will help stop you moving the goal posts and never not being ready enough.

Tip 3 - get it in perspective!.  

Here you might want to think about how much time and attention this really deserves and to what degree of quality/depth is appropriate and necessary.  For example do you really need that PHD before you feel like an expert (enough) so start helping someone or sharing what you know.  What is reasonable? 

Tip 4 - Remember why you are doing this.

Here are some questions to think about that may entice you into the ‘pool’:

How will your life be better when this is done?

Will it give you relief because it’s done, it’s out of your mind? 

Is this a stepping stone to take you to a better place? Just one hurdle in the overall race?

Getting clear about this helps your fear shrink in proportion to what you stand to gain.

Tip 5 - Remind yourself of what IS familiar to you

If you are an adult then you have sooo much life experience and you will have skills and talents that can help you with this. It might not be as new or unfamiliar to you as you first think - aka you are more ready than you thought.  

You will have overcome struggle and hardship, you will have done new things many many times.  Remind yourself of things you have done that you can draw on to help you now.

If you are experiencing this now then get a blank sheet of paper and ask yourself the questions above and then BONUS TIP - take action a baby step or bold leap - the choice is yours!





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