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Why mastering your mindset is a must

The fears that hold you back

· Escaping the 9-5,Mindset

I've heard many people say that being an entrepreneur is the biggest personal growth journey you'll ever go on. Why? Probably because for most, success seems to lie in constantly breaking out of your comfort zone.

The challenge is that breaking out of your comfort zone has a nasty habit of bringing up our deepest fears and giving them centre stage, and stopping us in our tracks (or at least putting up all kinds of resistance to what we are trying to do to get our business off the ground!

Often these kinds fears seep into our subconscious mind during key developmental phases in our childhood right from prenatal and birth upwards. Many of the beliefs and imprints that affect us as an adult we have picked up even before we started school and we may even be blissfully unaware, but rest assured, when you are stepping up and stepping out, they will surface and have you wondering what on earth is going on!

For most of us, our fears are often the same and will more than likely include one or more of the following:

  • Fear of rejection
  • Fear of outshining someone else
  • Fear of being a burden
  • The fear that if we go to our ultimate level of success we will leave other people behind and be disloyal.
  • Fear that we are in someway fundamentally flawed or not good enough, and that the more success we have, the more people will see that about us.
  • Fear we’ll be found out, exposed as a fraud.
  • Fear of failing.
  • Fear of being visible, that it's not safe for us.

When you look at this list in the context of building your own business, you can see the problems these deep rooted fears are likely to cause!

Your results will always tell you what your intentions are - Dr Gay Hendricks

The challenge is that we operate today based on these programmes from the past and because it is subconscious programming, often it isn't something we are even aware of until we experience intense feelings, looping thoughts, and self-sabotaging behaviours that make no logical sense to us. It is often only when we are consistently not making progress towards the thing that we want or getting the outcomes that we want that we can see the pattern, and the underlying unconscious intentions, at play.

Here's 3 things you can do to help overcome them:

1. Spot fears as they occur and call them out. Often we'll experience them as anxiety and worry thoughts. Breathe and consider what is the positive thing that is trying to come through that this fear may be trying to block. Connecting with what could be and the vision we hold for ourselves and remind yourself that you are choosing this for yourself.

2. Look back for patterns. Gay Hendricks said in a talk that one of his mentors told him "your results will always tell you what your intentions are. If something happens several times in the same way that you don't like over and over again in the same way, it's because you have an unconscious intention for it to happen in that way". Our job is to find out why we might we be unconsciously intending something in that way.

3. Float new conscious thoughts or affirmations until they take hold. Our minds learn by repetition so creating positive statements of intention that describe what you do want and what you are choosing for yourself and then repeating them often by either writing them down or saying them out loud, is a powerful way to overcome our own faulty programming and create more helpful thoughts instead.



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