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    Helping Growth-Focussed Business Owners and Leaders Clear the Fear that holds them back, Claim their Strengths and Build Belief so they can step into the 'more' they are destined for.

  • Hi I'm Emma!

    My passion is creating bespoke services and programmes that help talented business owners & leaders (like you!) break free from resistance and self-sabotaging patterns that are holding them back


    Do any of these resonate?


    • Feeling like an impostor, no matter how much you achieve, and it's just a matter of time before people find out?
    • Finding yourself overworking, overthinking or trapped by perfectionism 
    • Or avoiding the things you know would make a difference and procrastinating over every step?
    • Knowing you should be putting your prices up or being more visible so you reach that next level of prosperity, but self-doubt stifles your action..
    • Promising yourself you'll change your habits and achieve this goal or that...only to feel frustrated that you let yourself down again.
    • Knowing in your heart you're capable of more but part of you seems determined to hold you back.
    Please know that if you're going through any or all of these things you aren't going mad!!! Fear and self doubt can pop up at any level of business. and affect most business owners at some point - because you're constantly needing to step out of what's familiar to you. The trick is to spot what's happening, and learn how to dismantle it and where to put your focus instead, so that you're free to step out into the World and confidently share your talent and expertise.

    During my corporate career in HR, Organisational Development and Transformational Change I experienced 'impostor feelings' and self doubt, I also suffered with depression and anxiety. so I know first hand how much this can hold people back, sabotage success. and smother the ability to find our true expression.

    I became fascinated with impostor phenomenon and discovering how the mind works as well as positive psychology and solution focussed strategies and approaches that can turn all of this around. - fast.


    Now, I uniquely incorporate subconscious transformation, strengths coaching and mindset work to help my clients rapidly achieve the outcomes they desire.


    My mission is to help as many talented business owners and leaders as possible to step out of doubt and into their version of fulfilment and success.


    If you’d like to work with me follow the boxes below:

    Work with me One to One


    This is for you if you're a business owner or leader ready for your next level, you have the strategy and the plan, you're so ready for expansion but you know something is blocking your path. Your next step is dismantling your doubt and recoding your beliefs so you can step into your next level success.

  • One to One Solutions

    Connect to your Vision - Clear Fear, Resistance + Self-Doubt - Claim Your Strengths - Recode Your Beliefs

    90 Day Break Free Package

    This package has one aim and that is to help you dismantle the doubt that's holding you back and step into your next level success. We'll be having 2 Transformation Sessions per month that focus on the 4 core elements of the Freedom FrameworkTM : Connecting you to your Vision - Clearing Resistance, Fear + Self-Doubt - Claiming and Amplifying your unique Strengths and Recoding Your Beliefs. This is a powerful blend of mindset work, strengths discovery, and subconscious transformation to help you create the mindset and beliefs to step confidently into your calling.


    PLUS with this package you have Voxer access to me for support throughout our time working together.



  • Praise for my work

    Here's what some of my clients have to say....

    "My strengths coaching session was pivotal for my business"

    "My strengths coaching session with Emma was pivotal for my business and how I show up for my clients. Sometimes we need somebody else to help us sees the strength of our own strengths and how we can maximise them to grow and shine. The report was spookily accurate and Emma helped define what the findings meant for me and for my business."


    Sarah Handley, Parent Tech Marketing & PR

    "It will catapult you into the vision you have for yourself""

    If you've struggled with your mindset with your business - not just the airy fairy mindset stuff, but the deep fears about your success or failure, then Believe will not only move you past this so that you can start to take those steps that you deserve, it will catapult you into the vision that you have for yourself. A powerful journey that will change you for the better.


    Alex, Facebook Ads Strategist

    "I have a greater sense of self-belief then I’ve ever had"

    "It’s hard to put into words what a profound effect RTT has had for me in a relatively short period of time. I have a greater sense of self-belief then I’ve ever had and have been able to put that into practice with a positive outcome. Thank you so much Emma for helping me find my inner voice. Next stop the world!"



    "All I can say is WOW".

    " My Strengths coaching session with Emma far exceeded my expectations with so many light bulb moments it's difficult to narrow it down!

    Now I understand my strengths and how I best operate, I have far greater clarity in my overall business mission PLUS the knowledge of how best to achieve it with ease having previously wasted so much time focusing on how I thought I "should" be showing up and operating instead of working to my natural strengths.

    I would highly recommend understanding your strengths with Emma. It could quite literally be life changing"


    Sally Wright Brand Photographer

    "I would thoroughly recommend Emma if you are looking for a deep transformation"

    "I had a fantastic session with Emma who helped me let go of some limiting beliefs I had been holding onto for most of my life. Emma is warm and intuitive and she was able to quickly ascertain what was needed and how to guide me through the session. I would thoroughly recommend Emma if you are looking for a deep transformation and to step forward in your life."



    "Emma is a wonderfully intuitive therapist"

    "I have recently had an RTT session with Emma as I felt I was procrastinating a little in my business and had been too concerned about getting everything right before getting it out there and it was holding me back. After a sad year in my personal life I was also feeling a little lacking in confidence and as part of my role involves speaking in public I knew I needed a bit of help. Emma is a wonderfully intuitive therapist who understood exactly how to get to the root of my issue, I was amazed at what came up but we quickly got rid of it and now I am feeling so much more confident. Emma really cares and she has a lovely manner that quickly makes you feel at ease. It's difficult to measure success in a short space of time, but I know without a shadow of doubt that I am now in the right place to succeed in my business and am feeling much more confident. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma - RTT is truly revolutionary. "


    Nicky, Digital Marketer

    Praise for The Believe! Porgramme

    This programme is a must if you have feelings of impostor syndrome and have a negative inner critic talking to you daily! Emma helps you to move beyond this with insightful nuggets of wisdom that totally re-frame what you are telling yourself. I have learnt so much about my inner critic and how to change this narrative and understanding my strengths has been an eye-opener - particularly as Emma gives you a way to look at your strengths so you can see how to apply this to move forward in your life. It's a jam packed programme that gives so much information and practical work to do that you can't help but shift your mindset for good.


    Sharon, Nutritional Therapist

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    April 22, 2022
    So you have a vision or a big dream? What’s stopping you going for it? In this blog I'm talking about 4 ways your self doubt is sabotaging your business dreams.  Most of the business owners that I talk to have a dream, they have a vision for themselves and for their business, the kind of...
    Ever found yourself thinking or saying “I’m not ready” this is for you! I’ve been helping growth-focussed business owners with their mindset challenges for a few years now and this crops up a lot. Are you REALLY not ready? OR is your fear running the show? In truth it’s just a belief that...
    The focus of this blog is possibly the most common mindset challenge facing business owners and entrepreneurs. A recent Kajabi survey of around 600 business owners and entrepreneurs, revealed that 84 %, which is a huge number, had scores indicating that they felt like an imposter at moderate...
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