• Services

    Here are just some of the areas I help my clients achieve great results in.......

    Freedom from anxiety and depression

    Feeling anxious, fearful and depressed causes a huge amount of pain and suffering, impacting large parts of our lives. Often we don't understand why we feel this way. Or if we do, we don't know how to change it. Unlike other therapeutic or medical approaches to these issues, RTT helps you to uncover the thoughts and beliefs that lie beneath anxious and depressed feelings. This is so beneficial because it's very difficult to heal what you don't understand. I then support you in 'rewiring' new, healthier ways of thinking that create a calmer, more naturally confident you - without the need to attend weekly or monthly sessions for long periods of time, or taking medication.

    Achieving Goals and Success

    Have you ever wondered what's stopping you reaching a goal? Whether it's getting clients, a promotion, wealth, relationships or any other aspect of your life, our subconscious beliefs are sometimes out of kilter with what we really want and because the subconscious mind drives so much of our action, it can sabotage our efforts over and over again.


    RTT provides a powerful way of identifying and unblocking these issues, of finding out what's holding you back and enabling you to overcome it so that you have a deeper sense of confidence and belief in your ability to achieve your goals and live the success you desire for yourself.

    Exam, interview, acting & sports performance

    Whether you feel you've hit a 'plateau' or you want to be geared up and ready for greater success in exams, interviews, acting or sport, I will work with you to achieve high levels of confidence and your best performance.

    Weight control and body confidence

    Most diets ultimately fail because they deal with short-term weight loss. They focus on changing our actions around food by dictating what and how much we should eat to achieve a result. They fail because our behaviour around food starts with how we think. Not addressing the underlying habits of thought means that often people find themselves in a "yo yo" situation of losing weight, replacing weight, losing weight, replacing weight. RTT works to change underlying unhelpful beliefs about your body, your relationship with excess weight and food to support you in making life-changing, long lasting shifts.

    Addiction and habit breaking

    RTT has helped many people stop drinking, nail biting, smoking, gambling and many other habits and addictions. Often when people try to change a habit or stop an addiction they start by changing their behaviour - resisting, using distraction techniques, taking away temptation - but this only changes your habit of action. To break a habit for good, you need to change the habit of thought that is driving your habit of action. It's quite likely you're not even aware of what those thoughts are! That's why RTT is so powerful in helping people overcome addiction and breaking even longstanding habits.

  • About Emma

    Hi, I'm Emma

    I'm a qualified Rapid Transformational Therapist and Coach. I live in Worcestershire in the UK with my husband and son.


    When I heard about Marisa Peer's Rapid Transformational Therapy I instantly knew it was a game changer: I wanted to offer my clients something that facilitates deep confidence, resilience and lasting change and in RTT I have found this and so much more.


    Having experienced and overcome anxiety, depression and confidence issues myself, I know just how debilitating it can be, how much of an impact it has on your life, your career and the lives of those around you. I felt disillusioned at the inadequacy of the solutions available to me, considering how commonly experienced these issues are. I didn’t want medication but antidepressants seemed the only way to feel better. I found CBT helpful, but it seemed a long drawn out and not very empowering experience. When people are suffering and it’s impacting their lives they need help fast. Everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive in life.


    Do what you love, love what you do!

    That's why I trained as an RTT therapist and am proud that I now offer this amazing therapy to people who are struggling with low confidence, anxiety and depression as well as helping people to higher levels of personal and professional success.


    When I work with clients I like them to feel that RTT is different from anything they have experienced before. My aim is that you feel empowered, more in control and proud that you are making the changes you’ve been needing to live a better, healthier, more confident life.


    Looking forward to talking with you soon..



  • What is RTT?

    Therapy that offers extraordinary results

    Rapid Transformation Therapy (RTT)©, Marisa Peer’s highly successful method of hypnotherapy, has helped thousands of people worldwide to successfully overcome their issues. RTT is a scientific hybrid therapy which incorporates the most beneficial principles of Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Psychotherapy. Fine tuned by Marisa over 30 years of working with clients, RTT has emerged a distinctive therapeutic approach.


    RTT offers unparalleled results. It's an extremely dynamic, fast and effective therapy which is designed to uncover the root cause of your issue/s, free you from any self-defeating beliefs/patterns and imprint new positive and powerful messages into your subconscious to produce permanent, life changing results. This sets it apart from other, talk-based therapies that may take weeks, months or even years to help clients find the root of their issues and resolve them.


    With exceptionally high success rates in treating confidence, low self-esteem, weight loss, depression and anxiety, stopping smoking and other addictions, RTT has also seen incredible results for infertility, skin conditions, chronic pain, insomnia, fears and phobias.

  • Your RTT Experience

    1. Discover

    I offer a 20 minute discovery call to discuss how RTT can help you. We talk though your concerns or issues, clarify what's most important to you and how you would like things to be different.

    2. Transform

    Your RTT Session is personally tailored and lasts around 90 mins. I work with people both face to face and over the internet (using free, very easy to use video conferencing). All methods are equally effective. Whilst many fears, phobias and issues can be completely transformed in just one session. Some issues may require up to three. Clients also come to me wanting to transform a number of different aspects of their life, separate sessions may be required to successfully work on each. Whatever the issue(s) you are facing, I have a flexible approach that is tailored to you..


    I use relaxation techniques to guide you into hypnosis, a relaxed trance state that enables a deeper awareness of yourself so that we are able to discover what is underlying the issues you face today. Hypnosis is a totally natural state that we experience frequently day to day during those moments where we switch off our conscious mind and do things automatically. Hypnosis enables us to have 'focussed' attention on the issue at hand and is a prime state for understanding and learning. Often the current issues we face are a result of subconscious beliefs that we formed years ago that simply aren't appropriate or relevant to our lives now. They may have had a purpose when we formed them, but now instead of being helpful, are actually having a significant impact on our life. They are a bit like an outdated computer programme that's still running in the background. During the session I will help you to identify the thoughts and beliefs that underpin your issue, to 'uninstall' them and replace them with better, more relevant, up to date ones.

    3. Rewire

    A major part of the transformation is your personal 'rewire' recording that you will listen to during the 21 days following the session. The mind learns through repetition so a crucial part of creating permanent change involves embedding those new thoughts and beliefs and practicing them frequently so that new neural pathways are created and strengthened in the brain and they become automatic.

    Post-Session Support

    I support you in a variety of ways throughout your RTT Experience at various intervals post-session to help you make the progress you desire.

    The Big Question: will it work for me?

    If you are invested in making change in your life, are fully committed to the RTT session, listening to your personal ‘rewire’ recording for at least 21 days and participate in our post session progress conversations then RTT will work for you.

  • What My Clients Say

    Don't just take it from me, here are a few client stories about the impact of RTT had for them

    "I'm one very happy customer!"

    I had some limiting beliefs around goal achievement which Emma helped me eliminate very efficiently. The therapy process felt very straightforward and she gave me a brilliant recording to listen to afterwards. Full of details that were very personal to me, showing that she had really listened to what I had said. The suggestions were exactly what I needed to install better habits of thought and I am one very happy customer!

    Mary from Bath, UK

    "I feel very empowered"

    Emma is a phenomenal therapist with great insight and intuition. She resolved well-rooted issues in me and since then I feel very empowered and in peace. The recording she gave me after the session was awesome, it strengthened me in a permanent way. She had a very open, professional and encouraging energy and I felt the whole time very well directed and taken care of. I will always be very grateful for her help. Emma has all I could wish for in a therpist! Thank you so much!


    P. Nebreda from Germany, Zoom session.

    "Anxiety was controlling my life"

    I came to Emma with the feeling that my anxiety was controlling my life! I had only been experiencing anxiety for a couple of years but it had control of me! I could not sleep, I couldn't go out at times, my thoughts and emotions were very jangled...some days even the simplest of tasks, even breathing, was hard! I had a session with Emma and even after my first session I felt elated almost! I had my doubts but I persevered with listening to the recording she gave me. I'm glad I did. I'm so confident in who I am again, I'm making big decisions in my life that I haven't done, not just since my anxiety, but for years!
    Something has really sparked inside me again and I am so grateful for this. From my heart to you, thank you xx
    Shirley, Worcestershire

    Interview Success

    I had not previously used Rapid Transformational Therapy or any other similar methods and initially I felt a little nervous of this unknown practice. However, Emma's technique and approach made me feal at ease instantly. I always suffered from terrible nerves when being interviewed for new roles and my mind would go blank, which prevented me from being able to fully demonstrate my abilities to any new employer. Emma explored these concerns with me to establish some of the root causes. Emma was calm and reassuring and I felt relaxed to explore these with her. During the weeks after the RTT session I listened to my recording feeling relaxed and soothed by the positive reinforcement. Subsequently I interviewed for a new role: I went in feeling confident, assertive and positive and it resulted in being offered the new career opportunity! Having initally felt apprehensive and nervous of RTT, Emma has dispelled this completely and I wouldn't hesitate to go to Emma again.

    L Owen, Worcestershire


    Greater Self-Belief & Confidence

    It’s hard to put into words what a profound effect RTT has had for me in a relatively short period of time. I have a greater sense of self-belief then I’ve ever had and have been able to put that into practice with a positive outcome. Thank you so much Emma for helping me find my inner voice. Next stop the world!


    Caroline, Warwickshire


    Physical Anxiety

    I came to Emma because I have been suffering with odd physical tension and pain in my neck and head. Many visits to the Doctor and a string of consultants had not reached a solid conclusion. The consensus was that general anxiety and tension were causing my issues.
    I found working with Emma very easy. I had not experienced hypnosis before and was a little nervous to begin with but she quickly put me at ease. During the first session we were able to identify possible causes of my tension that I was only partially aware of. The end of the session was recorded and I was instructed to play the recording daily for 21 days which I did. I found that the recording helped me to rationalise how I was feeling, and the periodic support from Emma kept me on track.

    The second session I had focussed more on general relaxation rather than dealing with specific issues. This has been really helpful and I find I can use the recording and apply it to multiple situations and mind-sets.



    Adam, Worcestershire


    "I am feeling so much more confident"

    I have recently had an RTT session with Emma as I felt I was procrastinating a little in my business and had been too concerned about getting everything right before getting it out there and it was holding me back. After a sad year in my personal life I was also feeling a little lacking in confidence and as part of my role involves speaking in public I knew I needed a bit of help. Emma is a wonderfully intuitive therapist who understood exactly how to get to the root of my issue, I was amazed at what came up but we quickly got rid of it and now I am feeling so much more confident. Emma really cares and she has a lovely manner that quickly makes you feel at ease. It's difficult to measure success in a short space of time, but I know without a shadow of doubt that I am now in the right place to succeed in my business and am feeling much more confident. I would not hesitate to recommend Emma - RTT is truly revolutionary.

    Nicky, - Mum of 2, Digital Marketer and Therapist, Zoom Session

    "I found the experience both relaxing and effective"

    I was experiencing difficulty in sleeping which was leaving me tired and irritable. I was also suffering anxiety and a lack of confidence in certain work and social situations.


    I was initially sceptical when RTT was suggested having had no prior experience of hypnosis but Emma was very reassuring and put me at my ease. I found her to be friendly and professional. I found the overall experience both relaxing and effective and the recordings from our meetings effective in reinforcing our earlier discussions.


    Since beginning RTT I have noticed an improvement in my sleeping and my self confidence in general has grown and anxiety reduced. I feel more positive and find it easier to relax.


    Miles, Warwickshire

    "...things keep getting better and better"

    It took a few weeks to eventually call for an appointment with Emma as I've always suffered from anxiety, but there was really no need as from the get go Emma was reassuring, warm and totally ready to help me. The conversation was insightful, fact finding and like I'd known Emma for years, ending with she'd send me a relaxation recording to help me get used too her voice and the way RTT works. This recording I found very helpful in reducing my anxiety to a minimum, making the coming session so much easier. The session was hugely successful, adjusting my mind set to a newer much more healthier way of seeing/being feel very different, same person, but different. The on- going recordings made in the session I've listened to daily and things keep getting better and better. Emma is an intuitive caring and totally committed therapist and I'm very grateful and appreciative for all her hard work in helping me.


    Clive, Warwickshire

    "...some major mind-shifts have taken place"

    I had two sessions with Emma to work on issues surrounding the end of a relationship and self esteem, as well as some issues around my relationship with food. Emma was incredibly warm and personable; I was immediately put at ease and I felt that she genuinely cared about what I shared. The two sessions, and the two recordings that I had to listen to afterwards, have made such a difference. I’m already making much better food choices and feel so much more positive about my own self worth. I really look forward to listening to the recording every day and embedding some of the key messages we worked on. I feel some major mind-shifts have taken place, and I’m so glad I made the decision to do this for myself. Thank you so much Emma; I’m a much stronger person for having done RTT.


    Sarah, Midlands

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